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Our dominant portfolio of chocolate and sugar confectionery brands are household names, familiar to generations of Indonesians and Filipinos. For example, our home grown SilverQueen and Ceres brands were introduced in the 1950s, Selamat in the 1970s and Delfi in the 1980s. Our acquired Goya brand first appeared in the 1950s and Knick Knacks in the 1980s. These brands appeal to a large cross-section of consumers and have proven to be successful in other markets as well.

Our current portfolio of chocolate and sugar confectionery brands now spans over 400 products. Our broad range of chocolate confectionery products such as molded chocolate, dragees, enrobed wafers, and wafers and biscuits, covers most of the main product categories and widens our product appeal. Within each product category, our products are further segmented into various price points and market segments.

With a wide range of products, we are able to introduce the right products to fit the right market at the right price points. This is crucial as we strive to continually promote sales through adopting different price structures and price points to further penetrate all our markets.

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