Corporate Governance
Product Safety & Quality Assurance
Sustainability & the Community

In today’s globalised economy, the actions of one can be felt by many. At Delfi Limited, we are committed to ensuring that our business activities are beneficial to all our stakeholders, be it our customers, shareholders, employees or the community around us.

Our global Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) mission aims to profitably and sustainably grow our business in a responsible way through a three-pronged approach. In essence, we strive to conduct our business in a way that will:

  1. Act in the interests of all stakeholders
  2. Embrace the needs of the community
  3. Care for the environment

We are building the foundation for a business that is growing in line with our stakeholders expectations and it is important that Delfi Limited's business is rooted in this responsible approach as we look toward sustaining our long term growth.

Delfi Limited Corporate Culture and Code of Conduct